April 16th | The Google Maps Cycling Election Campaign

The London Cycling Campaign has released a Google Maps based election campaign. Elections are due to be held for all 32 London boroughs on the 22nd May and the London […]

April 15th | Where in the World is this Street View?

Spacehopper is another great Street View based geography quiz. The game was built for school kids studying geography but is lots of fun for us slightly older kids as well. […]

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Mapping Holland in the Shade

Dynamic Holland Shading is a gorgeous looking map that includes dynamic hill shading based on the date and time of day. Move the date and time of day sliders and […]

The Amazing L’Aquila Street View Tour

In 2009 an earthquake in the Italian city of L’Aquila caused the death of 308 people and damaged many of the town’s historically important buildings. Last year the City of […]

The photos from your phone, now one click away

Posted by Thijs van As, Product Manager Unless you’re a budding Ansel Adams, odds are you take most of your photos using your phone. And whether it’s photos of your […]

The Street View Easter Egg Hunt Game

The UK’s largest supermarket chain Tesco is back once again with its Street View Easter egg competition. #FindTheEggs proved so popular last Easter that Tesco has decided to hold their […]

What Time is Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse?

People living in North America and much of South America will tonight be able to see a total lunar eclipse (weather permitting). At around 2 am (EDT) the moon will […]

Global CO2 Emissions

How Much Have We Polluted? is a mapped visualization of global carbon dioxide emissions. The map allows you to view the yearly per capita and total CO2 output of individual […]

The Sweet Poetry of Maps

I’m constantly surprised by the imaginative uses developers find for online mapping libraries. I really like this little experiment that uses Neatline to map out the last three lines of […]

The Austerity Map

In the UK the British government has responded to the country’s fiscal deficit by drastically cutting state welfare benefits. The Financial Times has published an interactive map visualizing the cost […]