August 22nd | Through the Google lens: search trends August 15-21

It was an emotional rollercoaster on search this week. Read on to learn more about what made people laugh and cry. Tragedies and scandalsThe world was shocked by a video […]

August 22nd | Fracking Hell

This Global Flaring Visualization is an animated map showing nightly, infrared satellite detected natural gas flaring across the world. For cost reasons oil producers frequently flare methane and other gases […]

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Mapping Strabo’s Geographica

Recently Google Maps Mania reviewed the Hestia Project’s Herodotus Timemap. Herodotus, sometimes known as the Father of History, was a fifth century Greek historian. In his ‘Histories’ Herodotus recounts the origins […]

Tracking Dr Who on Street View

The new season of Dr Who starts tomorrow. During his absence from our screens the Google Maps Street View car has been tracking the Tardis. The car has managed to […]

The Worst Map of the Week

I don’t usually criticize maps on this blog. Google Maps Mania is mainly concerned with interesting on-line maps and maps which are experimenting with new or original visualization techniques. This […]

If Van Gogh Made Maps

Here’s another little Mapbox GL created map. The Van Gogh Map uses a few images from Van Gogh paintings as textures for the map feature types. Feature types on this map, […]

A Serendipitous Stereographic Projection

Serendipity uses data from Spotify to show you the locations of two Spotify users who are listening to the same track at the same time. The map shows the locations […]

I’ve Found Your Town on Google Maps

In a vain attempt to get people to try and share my NSFW map on social media I’ve added a little link to the map which creates a URL for […]

Animated Heat Mapping

Thanks to CartoDB’s Torque library we are now used to seeing markers being animated on a map to represent changes in data over time. By adding and removing markers according […]

Making Sense of Ferguson Tweets

I’ve already stated my disinterest in Twitter’s map, News of  Ferguson Spreads Across Twitter, which really signifies nothing except that a lot of people around the world have Tweeted about the […]