October 22nd | Housing Density in Melbourne

Last week Maps Mania posted about the The Melbourne Bike Crash Map from the City Science Group at Monash University. The City Science Group has also created an interesting map of […]

October 22nd | A Year of Earthquakes Mapped

Last year there were over 6,000 earthquakes with a magnitude of over 4.5. A Year of Earthquakes is an interactive map plotting all the earthquakes around the world in 2013. […]

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An inbox that works for you

Posted by Sundar Pichai, SVP, Android, Chrome & AppsCross-posted on the Official Google Blog Today, we’re introducing something new. It’s called Inbox. Years in the making, Inbox is by the […]

An inbox that works for you

Today, we’re introducing something new. It’s called Inbox. Years in the making, Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it’s not Gmail: it’s a completely different […]

The Global Soil Map

The International Soil Reference and Information Centre has released the first in a series of global soil maps. The Centre plans to release world-wide soil maps at increasing levels of […]

The 10 Best Sound Maps

Recently there has been a trend to marry Google Maps Street View with sound recordings. The combination of 360 degree panoramas with recorded sound is an effective way for developers […]

America’s Greatest Drives

The US Secretary of Transportation used to have a website, called Byways.org, which provided detailed information on over 850 scenic roads in the United States, including maps, sample trips and […]

Bogotá in 3d

Bogotá en 3d is a beautiful looking CartoDB created map of the El Chicó neighborhood of Bogotá. The map shows the footprints of thousands of buildings in the neighborhood, alongside […]

Jane Goodall Street View

Google has added Street View imagery to Google Maps from the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. The park is where the famous anthropologist Jane Goodall has for 45 years […]

The House Sharing Map

Unfortunately, unless you are a Russian oligarch, it is likely that you will never be able to afford to buy a home in London. This means, that if you do […]