March 26th | Your Invite to the Turf Party

If you haven’t started playing with Turf.js yet I can only assume that it’s because your invitation somehow got lost in the post. Let’s remedy that now: This is your […]

March 26th | Rising Rents in Boston Mapped.

Ungentry has released a nice visualization of rising rents in Boston. Ungentry are a volunteer group using creative technology to solve civic and social problems. One of their main concerns […]

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Tracking Shell in the Arctic

The oil company Shell have neither drilling permits nor any other regulatory approvals to drill in the Chukchi Sea, north of Alaska. Despite this Shell is sailing the drillship Noble […]

The Maps of Saturday Night Live

SNL40 is possibly not the most useful map of the week but it is kind of fun. Inspired By Saturday Night Live’s ‘Weekend Update’ SNL40 allows you to view a […]

Mapping Vancouver Energy

The Energy Explorer is a set of tools for exploring community energy use in Vancouver. The site aims to encourage a vision of a more sustainable city through the use of […]

80 Million Bolts of Lightning

A Month of Lightning is an interactive map of all 80,305,421 lightning strikes that occurred across the globe in May 2013. Mapping 80 million data points on a digital map […]

It’s time to put America’s small businesses on the map

If you searched for “Dependable Care near Garland, TX” a few months ago, you would have seen a lot of search results—but not the one that mattered to Marieshia Hicks. […]

Mapping Road Noise in Paris

The Map of Road Noise in Paris is an Esri map of 2015 road noise levels in the French capital. The map includes four different map layers visualizing road noise […]

Cherry Bomb Your House on Street View

There are many ways to decorate your house on Street View. By far the most beautiful is Sakura. Sakura allows you to visualize how your house would look if you […]

OpenStreetMap to SVG

This morning I created a little visualization of the cartographic centers of a number of global cities. In truth my City Centers visualization is of only marginal interest. What is really interesting […]