January 23rd | A new year for Chrome video

Every day, people watch 30,000 years worth of video in Chrome. That’s a lot of video! Watch time grew significantly over the last year—not only because of viral YouTube hits, […]

January 23rd | Tools for every school: G Suite for Education updates

Editor’s note: This week our Google for Education team will be joining thousands of educators at the BETT educational technology conference in London. Follow along on The Keyword and Twitter […]

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“Ok Google, read my book”… Introducing audiobooks on Google Play

“Read more.” Every year it’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. But with all the time spent battling traffic, working out, or picking up groceries, there often doesn’t […]

What Each State is Reading

Last year Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale was the top selling novel on Kindle in every state apart from Ohio and Utah. The states that read the most books, based […]

Russia’s World Cup Stadiums

This year Russia are hosting the 21st FIFA World Cup. Twelve stadiums will be used in the competition. Five of these will be entirely new stadiums. One, the Volgograd Arena, […]

The UK’s Most Dangerous Roads

The top 13 most dangerous roads in the UK are all in London. But it is isn’t just London’s roads which are potential death traps. Last year 1,792 deaths were […]

Artists and entrepreneurs ignite creativity at Campus Madrid

Last week, we hosted the first Campus Creativity Week at Campus Madrid, one of Google for Entrepreneurs’ six spaces for entrepreneurs to learn, share ideas, and launch startups. Over 100 […]

How Far Can You Get in Ten Minutes?

TravelTime is a very handy tool for working out how far you can travel in a certain time. It allows you to find areas you can reach by walking, cycling, […]

Wisconsin Cheese Mart makes a comeback—online and on the block

In 2003, Wisconsin Cheese Mart was up for sale and in danger of closing. When Ken McNulty, an Air Force veteran and native Wisconsinite, heard the news, he and his […]

Making France’s digital potential work for everyone

When people think of “digital champions,” it’s natural to think of a highly trained computer scientist creating new technology.  There are many other kinds of digital champions, however. They can […]