June 29th | Illegal Fishing Mapped

Some fishing fleets are managing to illegally flout international and national fishing quota regulations by transferring fish at sea to large ‘reefers’, large commercial vessels which receive and freeze the […]

June 29th | Supporting Bay Area nonprofits focused on homelessness

“How many homeless people are in San Francisco?” “How do people become homeless?” “How can I help homeless people?” These are just some of the questions people ask Google about […]

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Building Heights of England

Back in January Emy Analytics released a Building Heights in London map. They have now released a new interactive map which incredibly shows the heights of all buildings in England. […]

Australia Election Maps

This coming Saturday Australians will be voting in the Australian federal election. These maps can help you discover who is standing, where you can vote and where the two main […]

The Talking Map Quiz

Here at Maps Mania Towers we always enjoy a little map quiz. Today we have mainly been passing the time by playing Geoquiz. There are many, many different map quizzes […]

Exploring Alexander von Humboldt

Esri has released a great cascading Story Map exploring the achievements of the geographer, naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt. In Alexander von Humboldt’s Whole Earth Vision Esri uses vintage […]

Technology to help teachers do what they do best

This week our Google for Education team will be joining thousands of educators at the annual ISTE conference. Follow along on their blog and Twitter for the latest news and […]

The Spanish Election Map

Spain’s second general election in six months has once again resulted in no political party gaining enough votes to take overall control of the government. You can view how each […]

Japanese Pilgrimage Mandalas

Gunma GIS Geek has used the Leaflet mapping platform to create interactive maps from a couple of famous Japanese pilgrimage mandalas. Pilgrimage mandalas are paintings which provide a panoramic view […]

Maps of the Week

Choice and Chance is an impressive and harrowing mapped visualization recounting the events of June 12 in the Pulse nightclub. The visualization uses a 3d map of the nightclub to […]