November 26th | The Thanksgiving Flight Map

Google Trends has published an animated map showing people traveling across the USA to get to their Thanksgiving Day dinners. US Thanksgiving on Google Flights uses CartoDB’s Torque library to […]

November 26th | The Battles of Narvik

Germany invaded Norway in April 1940. The northern city of Narvik quickly became an important strategic target for both the Allies and the Nazi. Narvik’s ice-free harbour in the North […]

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Meet the Elephants

Let me introduce you to Pilipili. Pilipili is a member of the Spice family of elephants in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. Elephant families in the park are given thematic […]

The Piss & Crap Maps of San Francisco

Apparently people defecating on the streets is a thing in San Francisco. At least it is a big enough problem for Jennifer Wong to think it warrants its own interactive […]

Google gobble: Thanksgiving trends on Search

In just a few hours, people across the U.S. will be settling in for a day of food, family and football as they celebrate Thanksgiving. As the day of gluttony […]

The Disputed Territories of the World

123 countries around the world are currently involved in territorial disputes. For example, the USA is currently involved in territorial disputes with Cuba, the Bahamas, Haiti, Colombia, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Honduras, […]

Mapping the Icelandic Sagas

The medieval Icelandic family sagas are prose histories describing the lives of the first few generations of settlers in Iceland in the late 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries. The Icelandic […]

The Native Tribes of America

Native Land is a Google Map of the territories and languages of the indigenous peoples of the United States and Canada. The map consists of two main layers, one showing […]

100 Years of Hong Hong Street Views

HotelClub’s Historic Hong Kong allows you to compare the modern bustling streets of Hong Kong with the same streets as they looked 100 years ago. The site uses Google Maps […]

Mapping Global Migration Data

Global Migration Data maps migration patterns around the world on a 3D globe. The map shows the number of migrants to and from each country and which countries they traveled […]