July 29th | Whose Being Evicted in San Francisco?

The Anti-Eviction Project has created a lot of interesting maps around the issue of housing in San Francisco. For their latest map the Anti-Eviction Project has teamed up with Carto […]

July 29th | Explore Rio from every angle

With its beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscape, Rio de Janeiro is a city that appears on every traveler’s bucket list. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now […]

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Which are the Squarest & Roundest Countries?

Sierra Leone is the roundest country in the world. The most rectangular country is Egypt. Forget the battle between Clinton & Trump. The biggest online debate over the last few […]

Election Chartograms

The major winner in the last UK general election was the tiled grid map. My bet for this year’s U.S. election is the ‘chartogram’. For example this week the Wall […]

The Impact of the Olympics on Rio

Esri has produced a great interactive presentation exploring Rio de Janeiro’s preparations for the 2016 Olympic Games. Ready or Not, Let the Games Begins examines the impact on Rio, both […]

The Living Dead of Andorra

After looking at average heights around the world earlier today it seems like a good idea to look at the average life expectancy of different countries across the globe. Unfortunately […]

Google Play Family Library: Share what you love with the ones you love

Friday night is movie night at our home, and my wife and I look forward to our weekly ritual of putting the kids to bed, getting some takeout, and catching […]

NYC: Travel Time & Jobs

Eighteen of the top Twenty neighborhoods for job access in New York City are in Manhattan. If you live in Manhattan there are an average of 4,128,263 jobs accessible within […]

Height Mapping

El Pais has mapped out the average heights of men and women in countries around the world. The Average Height for Countries map reveals the average heights of 30 year […]

Extract a Map

MapXtract is a really neat tool to style a map and then download it as a png, svg or GeoJSON. The MapExtract editor uses OpenStreetMap data so should work for […]