April 24th | Mapping the Worst Bus Stops in London

The worst bus stop in London, according to Kognito, is the Ringway bus stop in zone 4. Only 4% of buses at this stop arrive on time, based on the […]

April 23rd | Shellebrating Christmas Island’s extraordinary nature with Street View and Google Earth

In December, we took the Street View trekker to Christmas Island, a remote tropical territory of Australia just south of Indonesia. With Parks Australia, we joined the island’s red crabs […]

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Where on Earth?

How well do you know the world? Could you guess the name of a major city purely from its Wikipedia entry and show where it is on a map of […]

It’s World Book Day: Find a new read with Google Play Books

Think about a book that has inspired you, changed your perspective, or made a positive impact on your life. For me, it was “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” […]

Urbano Monte’s Planisphere

In November 2017 the David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University obtained one of only two manuscript copies of Urbano Monte’s Planisphere. This huge map is one of the earliest […]

Behind the scenes: Coachella in VR180

Last weekend, fans from all around the world made the trek to Southern California to see some of music’s biggest names perform at Coachella. To make those not at the […]

Damming the Balkans

The Balkans are home to Europe’s last great wild rivers. But not for much longer. 3,000 dam projects are about to devastate the natural habitats and surrounding landscapes of Europe’s […]

Engineered for renewal: Google Cloud, Etsy and sustainability

As the CTO of Etsy, Mike Fisher is responsible for evolving technology strategy, scaling IT systems and infrastructure and deepening machine learning expertise, all of which is crucial to supporting […]

Measuring our impact in data center communities

Over 10 years ago, we built our first data center in Oregon. And a few weeks ago we broke ground on what will be our eighth data center in the […]

I’m Feeling Earthy: Earth Day trends and more

It’s Earth Day—take a walk with us. First, let’s dig into issues taking root in Search. Ahead of Earth Day, “solar energy,” “drought” and “endangered species” climbed in popularity this […]