September 1st | Affordable Housing in LA

This clever mapped application from The Los Angeles Times shows you where you can afford to rent or buy property in the city. Just enter your yearly income and how […]

September 1st | Fracking in Pennsylvania Mapped

StateImpact Pennsylvania has released a series of mapped visualizations of Natural Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania. The maps show which operators are drilling in Pennsylvania and where. They also show which […]

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Route Planning with Rest Stops

Alongways is a neat and simple route-planning map, which can also help you find rest-stops along your journey. The application uses the Google Maps API Directions Service with the Google […]

The Maps of the Week

This week ProPublica released an impressive mapped visualization of the effect of climate change and oil & gas exploration in the state of Louisiana. Southern Louisiana is losing 16 square […]

Mapping Events

MapTiming HASH is a new application designed to help you find upcoming events on a map. Currently the map is populated with the dates and times of church services in […]

The Bárðarbunga Depth Map

Quakes 3d is an interesting animated mapped visualization of seismic activity near the Bárðarbunga Volcano in Iceland over the last two weeks. The map animates through two weeks of earthquake […]

Through the Google lens: search trends August 22-28

It was a busy week for entertainment junkies with the Emmys and VMAs, and the cat was out of the bag for Sanrio fans after a surprising piece of news. […]

The Photo Map from Outer Space

Last year Dave MacLean, from the GIS Faculty at the Centre of Geographic Sciences of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), released an amazing map of photos taken from the […]

Story Maps with Mapbox GL

Yesterday I was impressed by two story maps created with Mapbox GL. The Mapbox Blog published a very neat map highlighting some of the details in their new satellite imagery […]

Mapbox Satellite Update

Mapbox has begun adding new satellite imagery from Worldview-3. Worldview-3 was launched two weeks ago and is already providing unrivaled satellite imagery of the Earth, at 31 centimeter (12 inch) […]