February 5th | Your Source for Vintage Map Tiles

I noticed yesterday that Wikimedia is using Tim Waters’ Map Warper to geo-rectify old historic maps. This means that map developers have another great resource for accessing map tile schemes […]

February 5th | The Vintage Maps of Berlin

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago two old towns sat on opposite sides of the River Spree. To the south the town of Cölln looked longingly across […]

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From antiques to pizza, see what went into making this year’s masterpieces for Doodle 4 Google

Last October, we kicked off our annual Doodle 4 Google art competition, asking students to create a doodle to tell the world “What makes me…me.” This time around, we added […]

Mapping the Changing Landscape

Tidskikaren is a fascinating interactive map which allows you to explore the dramatic changes in the landscape around the Julita Museum, in Södermanland Sweden, over the last four centuries. The […]

The Geography of Zipcodes

The Interactive ZipScribble Map connects all the Zip or postal codes in a country in ascending order. The resulting map provides a visual representation of how countries around the world […]

Whistle Up the Wind

Project Ukko is a beautiful new mapped visualization of seasonal wind predictions. The map is a visual interface which provides industry, energy traders, wind farm managers and others with a […]

Run Around the World on Google Maps

Australian Tom Denniss ran around the whole world in just 622 days. This is a new world record. In total Deniss ran 16,300 miles and passed through 18 countries. 40 […]

Mapping 3 Billion Journeys

This week around 2.9 billion trips will be made in China by people travelling to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with their families. You can see where and when […]

Adult Coloring Maps – Part 3

Last summer the the UK’s Ordnance Survey invented the concept of the coloring map. The Ordnance Survey had noticed the huge popularity of adult coloring books and realized that what […]

Nuke Your Town

Have you ever felt like dropping a nuclear bomb on your hometown? Well don’t! However you are allowed to use these maps to find out what the consequences of a […]