August 21st | A Serendipitous Stereographic Projection

Serendipity uses data from Spotify to show you the locations of two Spotify users who are listening to the same track at the same time. The map shows the locations […]

August 21st | I’ve Found Your Town on Google Maps

In a vain attempt to get people to try and share my NSFW map on social media I’ve added a little link to the map which creates a URL for […]

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Animated Heat Mapping

Thanks to CartoDB’s Torque library we are now used to seeing markers being animated on a map to represent changes in data over time. By adding and removing markers according […]

Making Sense of Ferguson Tweets

I’ve already stated my disinterest in Twitter’s map, News of  Ferguson Spreads Across Twitter, which really signifies nothing except that a lot of people around the world have Tweeted about the […]

Mapping Seismic Activity at Bárðarbunga

Since 16th August there has been intense seismic activity at Bárðarbunga in Iceland. The seismic activity around the volcano, located under the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland, has led to fears […]

Fractal Mapping

Here is a Leaflet powered Fractal Map which allows you to view a number of beautiful fractal patterns. Using the map you can view a number of different fractals and […]

Mapping Pedestrian Accidents

With so many great mapping visualization tools on the market it is tempting to just grab some geo-located data and throw it onto a map. You can then publish it […]

Wind Farm Mapping

Wind Farms Through the Years is an animated map showing the locations and the dates of when wind farms were constructed in the USA. The map animates through the years […]

Adding Markers in Mapbox GL

I wouldn’t normally post this map showing the birthplaces of Liverpool Football Club players but it is the first Mapbox GL created map in the wild that I’ve seen which […]

The Ferguson Story Map

The Washington Post has created a story map plotting the major events in Ferguson since the killing of Michael Brown. The Angry Aftermath of the Missouri Shooting maps the protests, […]