November 21st | Through the Google lens: search trends November 14-20

Devastating snowstorms, bizarre interviews and addictive podcasts? It was an unusual week on the search charts this time around. A frosty receptionIf you looked on Maps for Buffalo, you wouldn’t […]

November 21st | United States Arrest Rates

To illustrate a report on the Racial Gap in U.S. Arrest Rates USA Today has created an interactive map which compares the arrest rates of black and white Americans across […]

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Crap on a Map

Apparently people defecating on the streets is a thing in San Francisco. At least it is a big enough problem for Jennifer Wong to think it warrants its own interactive […]

The Great German Bakers Map

German newspaper Zeit has decided to celebrate the tasty delights of the best German bakeries with this German Bakers Map. To help create the map Zeit asked its readers to recommend […]

Squatting in East & West Berlin

West Berlin has a long tradition of civil, grassroots political action. One of the clearest demonstrations of this tradition is the well established squatter movement in the city. After the […]

Going under the hood of Inbox

Posted by Garrick Toubassi, Engineering Director Editor’s note: Be forewarned that the following post has much more technical mumbo-jumbo than our normal fare, taking you behind-the-scenes of the development of […]

How Walmart Conquered America

A new CartoDB map visualizes how Walmart discovered America. Walmart Nation plots the historical opening of every Walmart store and reveals how the company contributed to the first map of […]

Mapping Support for Obamacare

iSideWith is a website that can tell you which political party you should support. iSideWith asks you a series of questions on domestic, international and environmental issues and then shows […]

The Google Maps Guide to MotoGP

MotoGP is the premier championship of motorcycle road racing. Hertz, this year’s sponsors of MotoGP, has released a Google Maps based guide to some of the tracks on the 2014 […]

A bit about Bundles in Inbox

Posted by Shalini Agarwal, Product Manager One of the first things you’ll notice using Inbox is that it feels less cluttered and overwhelming with messages grouped into Bundles. Bundles, illustrated […]