November 27th | The Animated Wind Forecast Map’s gorgeous animated globe, visualizing weather conditions around the world, has become the inspiration for many maps. For example Esri took the same weather data from the Global Forecast System […]

November 27th | Mapping Your Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving America will consume around 250 million turkeys, millions of barrels of cranberries and hundreds of thousands of acres worth of green beans. Smithsonian has created this map to […]

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Where the Rich Live

The Daily Telegraph has released a map showing the average weekly salary across the UK. The Where the Highest Earners Live map uses new data from the Office for National […]

Mapping Black Friday Hashtags

Black Friday 2014 by Social Bakers is a series of maps visualizing the social sharing taking place around Black Friday on Twitter and Instagram. The visualization includes maps of New […]

The Race Gap in U.S. Police Departments

In Ferguson, Mo, 67% of the population is black. However only 11% of the Ferguson police department is black. According to a 2007 survey the situation is little better in […]

How to Make a Rent Map

Last year the Financial Times created a nice interactive map visualizing the cost of renting in London. The London Renting Crisis map allows Londoners to view a heat map of […]

Highlights in Inbox: Help during the holidays

Posted by Clarence Yung, Designer The holiday season is a busy time and your email is no different, with photos from friends and family, gift purchases and travel plans completely […]

The Solar Eclipse Map

The Solar Eclipse Finder is an Esri map that displays the path of past and future solar eclipses for any location on Earth. The tool couldn’t be simpler to use. […]

The Rand McNally Trip Planner

Rand McNally Trip Maker is a new interactive road trip planning tool. Using the map you can get turn-by-turn driving directions for your trip with the option to find interesting […]

The Google Maps Virtual Post Office

The French national mail service, La Poste, is using Google Maps and Street View in its latest online marketing campaign. La Poste – Ca Envoie is a fun little postal […]