July 7th | Your Local Candidate for President

So far 448 candidates have filed to run for President next year. Thanks to Mother Jones you can now find out which of your neighbors has decided to stand for […]

July 7th | Mapping Hate Crimes in Moscow

The Civic Assistance Committee and the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis have released an interactive map to record instances of hate crime in Moscow. The map shows the locations […]

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Live Tracking Thousands of Satellites

There are over a thousand operational satellites currently orbiting the Earth. There are over twice as many non-operational satellites. Stuff in Space has mapped them all. You can search Stuff […]

Mapping Patterns in Portland Parking Tickets

Oregon Live has conducted a data driven investigation into parking tickets issued in Portland. Parking in Portland examines the time of issue and the location of 250,000 parking tickets issued […]

Isochrones + X = Fun

GoPhillyGo is a new routing service for Philadelphia designed to help you more easily navigate the city without a car.  You can use GoPhillyGo to get walking, biking or public […]

Mapping London’s 18th Century Prostitutes

Harris’s List of Covent-Garden Ladies was an annual 18th century directory of London prostitutes. The directory not only provided the addresses and rates of London’s prostitutes it also included descriptions […]

Greek Referendum Maps

Today Greece voted overwhelmingly to reject the bailout conditions put to the country by the European Central Bank, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The Guardian and the […]

The Maps of the Week

There is a more than a bit of a German flavor to this week’s maps of the week. By far my favorite map of the last seven days was the […]

Do Laptops Dream of Slippy Maps?

You’re probably getting bored of Deep Dream images by now. So let me introduce you to Deep Dream Mapping. My first thought on reading about Google’s Deep Dream image neural […]

Mapping US Citizen Overseas Deaths

814 U.S. citizens died abroad in 2014. Vehicle accidents was the number one cause of deaths. Murder was the second highest cause, closely followed by suicide. JSON-CSV.com has created a […]