July 28th | Create a Customized Trip Map

The KLM Must See application is a pretty cool tool to create a nice customized map for an upcoming trip. Using the application you can choose a city which you […]

July 28th | Mapping Buildings by Tax Revenue

Harvesting Our Cities’ Land for Dollars is a map which shows the tax revenue per hectare of every building in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Building plots on the map are colored […]

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Mapping the Growth of OpenStreetMap

OSM Then and Now allows you to view OpenStreetMap coverage around the world in 2007 side-by-side with today’s OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap was started in the UK in 2004. OSM Then and […]

The Maps of the Week

This week a couple of news maps really caught my attention. First up is Liveuamap, a Google Map reporting incidents from the crisis in Ukraine. The map is a nonprofit, […]

Namesake Towns on Street View

While searching for Street View of Camden, North London this morning I accidentally ended up taking a virtual stroll around the derelict streets of Camden, New Jersey instead. I was […]

Putting News on the Map

There have been quite a few news maps over the years and none of them have been better than Breaking News. Breaking News is an impressive website highlighting the latest […]

Two Libraries Looking for a Story

I’m still convinced that animating Twitter data isn’t the best way to use¬†CartoDB’s Torque library. I’m also pretty¬†sure that the Torque library isn’t the best way to map the current […]

Through the Google lens: search trends July 18-24

Based on search, it seems like a lot of you spent the last seven days slurping ice cream cones, jamming to pop parodies and starting the countdown to a certain […]

The Urban Elders of Seattle

The Seattle Times has created an interactive map of Nielsen demographic groups in Seattle. The Nielsen Company categorizes people into 66 different demographic groups in order to help businesses target […]

Mapping the US Drought

The New York Times has published an interesting animated map to visualize the spread of drought conditions in the US over the last five months. Mapping the Spread of Drought […]