February 12th | Find Somewhere to Live with Google Maps

When you’re looking for somewhere new to live you don’t just want the perfect property you also want it in the perfect area. What makes a perfect neighborhood will be […]

February 12th | Moving on from Picasa

Since the launch of Google Photos, we’ve had a lot of questions around what this means for the future of Picasa. After much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to retire […]

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The Shadowhunters Map

Whether you’re an angel or demon you are sure to enjoy the Map of Shadows. The Map of Shadows allows you to explore a map of New York through the […]

The Cassini Map of France

The Carte de France or the Cassini Maps were created by four generations of the Cassini family in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Cassini Maps were the first truly […]

Street View – Gold Edition

You can now explore Rome at night with this Bulgari – Roman Treasures tour of the eternal city. To be honest the website is little more than a very slick […]

The Hoax Map of Migrant Myths

Angela Merkel’s ‘open door’ policy for welcoming migrants from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere has been a brave humanitarian response to the migrant crisis facing Europe. The policy has not come […]

Mapping the Rise of The Railways

The Campaign for Better Transport has released an interactive map which shows the huge increase in rail traffic in Great Britain over the last 18 years. The Rail Travel Station […]

Easy Story Maps with Mapme

You can now easily create your own story maps with Mapme. Mapme’s Google Maps based creation tool is great way to create your own free maps without having to do any […]

Mapping the Garden of Earthly Delights

I’ve always wondered why interactive mapping platforms have not been used more often to provide interpretations of works of art. Paintings can be easily imported into all the popular mapping […]

Map Quiz Time – Accents

Do you know your Brummie from your Scouse? Or your Geordie from your Cockney? You can find out with Expedia’s Accent Map of the British Isles. In Expedia’s quiz you […]