August 28th | Maps of the Week – Maps in Motion

The Nature Conservancy has created a mesmerizing animated map showing where birds, mammals and amphibians will need to migrate to in order to maintain hospitable climates as global warming takes […]

August 26th | Mapping Land and Sea Reclamation

Over the last 30 years the Earth has gained 173,000 km2 of land. Most of it from land reclamation projects. However this isn’t just a one way process. Over the […]

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Boston’s Changing Map

Mapbox has created an interesting visualization of how Boston’s geographical footprint has changed through history. Coastlines of Boston provides two different historical views of Boston, as it looked in 1788 […]

Segregating America’s Schools

A great movement to re-segregate schools is underway. Across the United States wealthy communities are gerrymandering school districts to ensure that their children will not have to mix with the […]

Search is a Jack of all trades

Today we’re dealing two new hands from the Google Search deck: solitaire and tic-tac-toe. Now you can play two of the oldest and most popular games for all ages, on […]

London’s Heartbeat

The London Underground is the beating heart of London. It is also its venous system, carrying its people, its lifeblood, around the city. Tube Heartbeat is a map of traffic […]

Explore the hidden worlds of the National Parks

In the Kenai Fjords, the ice is so dense it forms blues brighter than the clear Alaskan sky above. The molten rock around the (very) active Kīlauea Volcano appears to […]


OpenStreetView is a new application and map for collecting and presenting geo-referenced Street View imagery. OpenStreetView is a Telenav project but the software is open-sourced and the imagery is free […]

The Global Trade in Crude Oil

Crude oil is the world’s single most actively-traded commodity. A World of Oil allows you to explore the world’s leading exporters and importers of oil over the last 20 years. […]

Mapping the Texas Triangle

Texas Triangle Tragedies maps the number of fatal accidents in Texas from 2005 to 2014. The map picks out what it calls the ‘Texas Triangle’, an area outlined by I-35, […]