July 24th | Gmail and Google Drive — working better together while you’re on-the-go

Posted by Simon Forsyth, Software Engineer Important stuff doesn’t always happen when you’re conveniently sitting at your desk. Maybe you’re out to dinner when your boss tells you that she […]

July 24th | Europe is Moving Westwards

The European Union has released a new open data portal to provide information on EU funding and the socio-economic situation in each European Union country. The data can be downloaded […]

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Mapping the Crisis in Ukraine

Liveuamap is a Google Map reporting incidents from the crisis in Ukraine. The map is a nonprofit, volunteer run project with a mission to inform the world about the on-going […]

Tracking Flight 17

I’ve seen a number of impressive images maps showing the location where Malaysia Airlines flight M17 was shot down over Ukraine. Now the Wall Street Journal has released the first […]

The WWI Mapped Interactive

The Guardian has released a very impressive mapped interactive about the history of World War I. A Global Guide to the First World War uses maps, audio, historical film and […]

Introducing Wikia Maps

There’s a new interactive mapping platform in town! Wikia Maps is a new easy to use map creation tool from Wikia, the free web wiki creation and hosting website. The […]

The Incredible Cat Stalking Map

One of the earliest popular uses of the Google Maps API was Gawker Stalker. The now defunct Gawker Stalker allowed you to track the movements of your favorite celebrities thanks […]

Weather on the Route

If you are planning a leisurely hike or a nice road-trip then you probably want to know what the weather will be like. WeatherTrip is a very easy to use […]

Little Box Challenge opens for submissions

These days, if you’re an engineer, inventor or just a tinkerer with a garage, you don’t have to look far for a juicy opportunity: there are cash prize challenges dedicated […]

The Endonym Map

The Endonym Map is a neat little Leaflet powered map which labels the countries of the world in their official or national languages. The map includes four informative map insets […]