July 31st | One Man’s War Remembered

On the 1st August 1914 Germany declared war on Russia. Germany followed this up, two days, later by declaring war on France. One day later Britain declared war on Germany. […]

July 31st | How Good is Your Country?

My country is the 7th goodest in the world. How good is your country? The Good Country Index is a recently launched initiative to rank the countries of the world […]

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The Oslo to Bergen Trekking Map

Today Bjørn Sandvik set out on an epic trek from Oslo to Bergen in Norway. You can follow Bjørn’s progress live on an impressive Leaflet map. Oslo-Bergen Til Fots (Oslo-Bergen on […]

Photos of World War One – Then and Now

UK real-estate website Rightmove has created an interesting interactive which allows you to compare historical photographs taken during World War I with the same view depicted today in Google Maps […]

The Rudest Places in Australia

Aussies in the state of South Australia just can’t stop swearing, at least that seems to be the lesson to be learned from their Twitter messages. Languages of Australia is […]

Mapping the Histories

Herodotus, the Father of History, was a fifth century Greek historian. The Histories of Herodotus recounts the origins of the Great War between the Greeks and Persians and the rise […]

T-Shirt Mapping

SourceMap has being mapping product supply chains for a number of years. Sourcemap is a crowd-sourced directory of supply chain and environmental footprint maps for thousands of different well known […]

The Future Weather Map

I estimate that I have reviewed over a 100 weather forecasting maps on Google Maps Mania over the last few years. This is definitely the first weather map I’ve reviewed […]

Mapping the Fallen of the First World War

The Royal British Legion is hoping to commemorate every Commonwealth serviceman and woman who died in World War I. Every Man Remembered allows you to commemorate relatives who died in […]

Create a Customized Trip Map

The KLM Must See application is a pretty cool tool to create a nice customized map for an upcoming trip. Using the application you can choose a city which you […]