May 22nd | Through the Google lens: Search trends May 15-21

Between finding out what everyone has always wanted to say to Dave Letterman, and singing along to Taylor’s “Bad Blood,” here’s a look at what everyone was searching for this […]

May 22nd | Mapping New York’s Historical Photos

The New York Public Library has done a wonderful job in geo-rectifying thousands of historical maps from their collections. Now thousands of the library’s historical photographs have also been geo-tagged. […]

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Life – Updated in Real-Time

Who needs horizons? Online we count our days in seconds. For us the sun is always rising, always setting. We watch the day meet the night and the night greet […]

The Street Views & Sounds of Medellin

Pregoneros de Medellín is a wonderfully immersive virtual journey around the colorful streets of Medellín in Colombia. The experience is vaguely similar to exploring locations with Google Maps Street View […]

Climbing the Matterhorn in 3d

Chasing the Matterhorn is a thrilling account of the first ascent of the notorious Alpine mountain. This account of the first successful climb to the top of the mountain is […]

The Global Homicide Rate

According to the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime there were 437,000 homicides across the globe in 2012. The Homicide Monitor visualizes the 2012 homicide rates for countries around […]

The United Tastes of America

There have been a few maps this week purportedly visualizing distinctive features of each state in the USA. For example the Most Distinctive Causes of Death map visualizes the most […]

Mapping the Demolition of Austin

Since 2007 over 5,000 demolition permits have been granted in Austin, Texas.  You can view the footprints of all the buildings given demolition permits on the Austin, Demolished: Eight Years […]

Train Travel Times of Europe

Isochrone Maps of Europe is a beautiful looking series of maps visualizing train travel times across the continent. The series includes a number of isochrone maps showing the travel times […]

Cartographic Representations of the Internet

DMOZ is an open-content directory of World Wide Web links which uses a hierarchical scheme for organizing site listings. Listings on a similar topic in DMOZ are grouped into categories, […]