August 28th | Through the Google lens: Search Trends August 21-27

The terrible images from the WDBJ shooting in Virginia dominated Google searches over the last few days. Here’s a look back at the week in search. WDBJ tragedyA small TV […]

August 28th | Mapping LA’s 20 Year Mobility Plan

The Los Angeles City Council has released a new Mobility Plan designed to decrease the use of cars and improve conditions for the city’s cyclists and pedestrians. The plan includes […]

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Mapping UK Immigration Levels

Yesterday the UK government released figures showing that net migration (the balance between immigration and emigration) in the last year has reached its highest ever level of 330,000. 1 in […]

Mapping the Gentrification of San Francisco

UC Berkeley, in collaboration with researchers at UCLA, have released a new interactive map to visualize and predict where gentrification and displacement is happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. […]

Mapping the Illegal Trade in Elephant Tusks

National Geographic hid GPS trackers inside artificial elephant tusks in order to track the trade routes used in the illegal smuggling of ivory. Tracking the Illegal Tusk Trade maps the […]

Improving Public Alerts for hurricane season

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast of the United States, flooding cities, displacing thousands of people, and causing billions of dollars worth of damage. It is the […]

Ten Years After Katrina

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina struck new Orleans, Esri has released a Story Map which examines the effect of the hurricane on the city and how the city has attempted […]

Mapping Worldwide Fossil Finds

The PBDB Navigator is an interactive map which allows you to explore worldwide fossil discoveries by location, time and taxonomy. The map provides a really easy to use navigational tool […]

New (School) Year resolutions with #GoogleEdu

The tradition of ringing in each New Year with resolutions (whether we stick to them or not) is always an opportunity to reflect and start the year ahead on the […]

Mapping Worldwide Trade

The Globe of Economic Complexity visualizes 15 trillion dollars of world trade on an interactive WebGL 3d ¬†globe. Using the globe you can explore the export markets of countries around […]