July 22nd | Test Your Local Knowledge

In recent years the UK’s Office for National Statistics has been very creative in its use of interactive maps to help visualize census and other government data. Their new online […]

July 21st | Tour de France Winners

Tour de France: Where Have the Winners Come From? is an interactive map showing the home countries of all the winners of the Tour de France. Using the map you […]

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Isochrone API’s

Route360 has released an API to provide developer access to their isochrone library. The API has been designed to provide simple access to the Route360 isochrone travel time library from […]

Mapping Financial Distress

UK consumer rights magazine Which? has released a Google Map to show where UK citizens are suffering financial hardship. The United Kingdom Financial Distress Map uses the results of a […]

Bike Video Routes in Berlin

Grab your virtual bike helmet and take a ride through the Tiergarten and the Brandenburg Gate and along the Unter den Linden with Cyclodeo’s new bike video coverage in Berlin. […]

The Digital Maps of the Week

NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life is a MapBox visualization of the journey of one New York taxi over the course of 24 hours. The map animates the taxi’s […]

Street View Sniffing

Google has faced no end of legal problems as a result of using its Street View cars to sniff out unsecured wi-fi data around the world. I suspect they won’t […]

All Aboard the Mapillary Train

Mapillary, the crowd-sourced alternative to Street View, is going off-road. Anyone can contribute to the Mapillary mission by uploading photos using the Mapillary smartphone apps. This has resulted in people […]

Through the Google lens: search trends July 11-17

The World Cup is over and order has finally been restored to the universe. Now that football mania is behind us, searchers are getting the latest info about the world […]

The First Man on Mars

There have been a number of Google Maps over the years which plot the locations mentioned in works of fiction. Andy Weir’s The Martian Map is the first Google Map […]