February 28th | Berlin in Incredible 3d

Wirtschaftsatlas Berlin is a map of Berlin which includes a pretty amazing isometric view of the city with fully textured 3d building models. The map also includes a more traditional […]

February 28th | Mapping Wheelchair Accessibility

Accessible.net is a French Google Map of wheelchair accessible venues. The site provides an easily searchable map of categorized accessible venues, including restaurants, hotels, museums etc. You can filter the […]

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Through the Google lens: Search trends February 20-26

If you’re the kind of person who loves the Internet when it’s at its most Internet-ty, you had a good week. From llamas to retro cartoons to that darn dress, […]

The White and Gold Dress Map

Alan McConchie needs your help. He created this blue dress, white dress map and there seems to be some controversy over what color it is. Is this map white and […]

Rethinking office space

Not the sexiest title for a blog post, I know. But as we’ve inhabited a variety of workplaces—including a garage in Menlo Park, a farmhouse in Denmark and an entire […]

The Tokyo Metro in 3d

Metrogram3d is a hypnotizing WebGL powered 3d visualization of Tokyo’s metro trains. Using data from the Tokyo metro timetable the map simulates the movement of the trains throughout the city. […]

Visualizing Ten Years of OpenStreetMap

Mapbox has released an animated map visualizing the growth of OpenStreetMap data over the ten years since the project started. Ten Years of OpenStreetMap shows how OpenStreetMap has grown in […]

Animated Heat Maps of Weather Data

A few weeks ago CartoDB released CartoDB Heat Maps. This new heat maps option in CartoDB leverages the power of the Torque library, which allows developers to efficiently render and […]

US River Mapping

Hydro Hierarchy is a map of the largest rivers in the United States and their monthly river flows. Select a river segment on the map and you can view a […]

Gmail now available in Myanmar (Burmese)

Posted by Brian Kemler, Product Manager In the summer of 2012 I travelled in Myanmar (Burma) and found inspiration in the temples of Bagan, the floating gardens of Inle Lake […]