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  • Google Feed Ajax API [info]
  • Google Maps API [info]
  • Google Friend Connect [info]
  • Google 404 Error page API [info]
  • Google Custom Search Engine [info]
  • Google AJAX Search API [info]
  • Google AdSense [info]
  • Google FeedBurner [info]

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  • Forum: more than 7000 users
  • Hackgame: more than 1400 players
  • News Archive: more than 1000 posts

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About Googlebig

Googlebig was born in 2006 with the purpose to create a community of googlers who whish to be always updated about Google news and its security.

In Googlebig there are more than 1000 news concerning Google, from Googlemaps to Google Vulnerabilities (most of them in italian), and the most popular Google books. There is also a Video section where all the best Google and GooglePlex videos are available.
Now it is possible to login into Googlebig using your Google Account to post comments on our news and videos.

Googlebig is also a hacking community where you can find shared hack, 0days, exploit, source code, Google dorks, hacking tools and other tricks: it’s possible to play a HackGame to try the most common techniques of pentest.
In the forum there is a large database of XSS (Cross Site Injection). Here a lot of users can send their XSS.

TLD of Googlebig: COM – NET – ORG – IT – INFO


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