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How the Environment Affects the Brain

Category: Google Maps | Dec 11, 2016

UK geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison has been exploring how the environment affects the human brain. Daniel has been walking across the UK while wearing an Emotiv sensor which records his brain activity. The sensor is able to record Daniel’s stress levels and provide insights into how the environment affects his mood and happiness.

National Geographic has been reporting on Daniel’s progress in


Winter Window Wonderlands

Category: Google Maps | Dec 9, 2016

This winter you can explore New York’s wonderful Christmas window displays on a Google powered tour of Manhattan’s biggest stores.

Google’s Window Wonderland tour features photos, audio and Street View images of the Christmas window displays of 18 New York stores. The photos of each store front have been stitched together to create a scrolling display of each store’s window display. This



Category: Google Maps | Dec 9, 2016

In their 2014 paper Becksploitation: The Over-use of a Cartographic Icon Kenneth Field and William Cartwright rail against the overuse and parody of Harry Beck’s iconic London Underground map. In their paper Field & Cartwright argue that Beck’s map has become widely overused as a map metaphor and is now often used as “a short‐cut approach that rides on the success of someone else’s hard work,


Mapping Global School Rankings

Category: Google Maps | Dec 8, 2016

The latest global school rankings are an interesting read. Unless, of course, you live in America, in which case the poor standards in the teaching of literacy means that you will probably struggle with the long words.

The OECD’s ‘Programme for International Student Assessment’ (Pisa) assesses education rankings in countries around the world in the core subjects of reading, mathematics and


Chopping Down the London Tree Map

Category: Google Maps | Dec 7, 2016

This week Cartonerd has taken his sharpened axe to the London Tree Map. This new interactive map from the Greater London Authority shows the location and genus of 700,000 London trees.

London has over 8 million trees, therefore the London Tree Map is clearly not an exhaustive map of all of London’s trees. This is one of Cartonerd’s main complaints with the map. In Can’t See the Woods for the


Christmas Traditions Around the World

Category: Google Maps | Dec 6, 2016

Every Christmas Eve you can track Santa’s journey around the world on Google’s annual Santa Tracking map. However you don’t have to wait until Christmas Eve to visit the Google Santa Tracker. Every day, between now and Christmas Eve, the Google Santa Tracker will feature a different Christmas related game.

The Google Santa Tracker also includes a Google Map looking at Christmas Traditions


The Art of Mapping Art

Category: Google Maps | Dec 5, 2016

One of the great advantages of flexible JavaScript mapping libraries like Leaflet.js is that they can be used to create far more than just interactive maps. For example, if you swap your map tiles for image tiles, you can quickly create an impressive interactive image viewer.

Last week we looked at how Europeana Labs has used Leaflet.js to create a simple interactive interface for viewing


Mapping the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Category: Google Maps | Dec 5, 2016

75 years ago, on the 7th December 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor. Around 2,400 Americans were killed and 1,178 wounded in the attack. The attack directly led to the USA entering into World War II.

Japanese developer Hidenori Watanave has mapped eyewitness reports of the attack on a 3D interactive map of Oahu island in Hawaii. The 1941


How to Find Your Local Superhero

Category: Google Maps | Dec 3, 2016

Jonah Adkins has created a U.S.Avengers interactive map which can help you find your local Marvel superhero. U.S.Avengers is a new Marvel comic book series which features an America-themed team of Avengers. Using Jonah’s map you can discover which of thees superheroes is from your U.S, state.

io9 has been keeping tabs on Marvel’s promotional cover art releases for the new U.S.Avengers comic.


How to Map Anti-Papal Propaganda

Category: Google Maps | Dec 1, 2016

The Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus are a series of prophetic manuscripts, dating from the 14th century. The manuscripts depict a succession of different popes from history, in which the popes are illustrated in various alliances with the Antichrist.

The European Union’s Europeana Labs has used the Leaflet mapping platform to create an interactive presentation of the University of Fribour’s