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Surfing the World with Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jun 7, 2012 is a growing directory of thousands of surf spots around the

The Google Map lets you discover new places to surf around the world. If you select a surfing location from the map you can view the location’s average rating and also get information on the remoteness of the location and how crowded it normally is.

If you connect with a Facebook account you can also add and rate your own favourite surfing locations. also allows users to create their own Google Map and record all the places that they have surfed. The My Spot feature allows you to easily add locations that you have surfed, view them on a map and keep a record of the number of spots, countries and continents you have visited as a surfer.

To help you find the best surfing locations whilst you are on the move use the mobile site.


Google Maps – The Next Dimension

Category: Google Maps | Jun 6, 2012

Today Google hosted a press conference called The Next Directions of Google Maps. At the event Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps, gave a sneak preview of some upcoming additions to Google Maps.

Street View

There are now over 5 million miles of Street View coverage around the world. Google however want to be able to capture Street View imagery off-road. They have therefore developed the ‘trekker’ a Street View camera back-pack. The back-pack will enable Google to capture imagery where even the Google trike can’t go, such as in the streets of Venice or in the Grand Canyon.


For Google Earth Google are now using new techniques for creating 3d imagery. Oblique imagery is being captured by aeroplanes. Google then use stereophotogrammetry to create 3d images of buildings and landscape features. This should result in much more 3d imagery being available around the world.

Google Maps for Mobile

Soon Android phone users will be able to use Google Maps without an internet connection. Using Google Maps on an Android phone users will be able to select an area on the map and then select ‘make data available off-line’. Users will therefore be able to download map areas before leaving home and use Google Maps when out and about without an internet connection.

Caching of map areas has actually been available on Android for a while. This new iteration looks like it will have more functionality, such as caching for all zoom levels. I also think users will be able to download multiple map areas, whereas at the moment you can only cache one area.


London Calling on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jun 6, 2012

With the summer Olympics and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee being held this year, London is expecting a lot of visitors this summer.

BBC Australia has created a great looking Google Map to help those visitors explore the English capital.

London Calling is a great way to find things to see and do in London and whilst you explore the map there are even opportunities to win prizes. Australian and New Zealand residents can complete challenges as they use the map for the chance to win a $4000 travel voucher and a brand new iPad.

The map as well as providing a great guide to London also looks great as well. The map uses the Styled Maps feature to give the map tiles a nice sepia tone. The information windows are also very unique. They include a circular smaller map to give the illusion of a cut-out in the window to highlight the location of the map marker beneath the window.

Via: The Google Geo Developers Blog


Electric Car Distances on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jun 6, 2012

Jurassic Test is a Google Maps application that allows you to test whether different makes of electric car are able to complete a planned journey without having to recharge the battery.

To use the app you can choose from a large number of electric car models. You can choose a make of car to test by selecting the ‘add a vehicle’ button at the top right of the application. When you have selected your car(s) you just need to enter a start and end point for your journey on the Google Map (you can just click on the map twice to set two locations).

After you select the ‘update’ button beneath the map the battery icon next to the car(s) you have selected will estimate how much battery power would be used on your chosen journey.


Mad Men on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jun 5, 2012

WNYC want your help in mapping the locations used in the TV programme Mad Men.

Mad Men Mapped is a Google Map of buildings and locations used in the AMC television series Mad Men. If you know of any locations from the show that haven’t yet been mapped you can e-mail and they will add them to the map.

Also See

Seinfeld Google Map – a map of Seinfeld locations from Sony Pictures. This map actually includes video clips from the show.

From Jerry’s apartment to Monk’s Diner, the Geography of Seinfeld is a Google Map of New York locations used in the yet to be bettered sitcom.

Sex and the City Locations -a Google My Map of locations used in Sex and the City.


Roman Empire Route Planners

Category: Google Maps | Jun 5, 2012

ORBIS – The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World allows users to explore road, river and sea routes through the Roman Empire.

Google Maps users are used to having four possible transportation options when searching for directions (car, public transit, bike and on foot). ORBIS allows for fourteen different modes of road travel (including ox cart, mule, camel caravan and horse relay). Unlike Google Maps ORBIS also allows for seasonal differences in route times, taking into account the possibility of rough or unfavourable weather.

Omnes Viae: Itinerarium Romanum is another Roman route planner (this one actually uses Google Maps).

Omnes Viae is based on an ancient Roman map known as the ‘Tabula Peutingeriana’ and allows you to plan a route that contains all the main roads and cities of the Roman Empire. Routes generated by Omnes Viae list the towns and cites and also the river crossings on your trip in the map sidebar and display the actual route on a Google Map.


Transit of Venus Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jun 4, 2012

On June 5 the planet Venus will make its final trek across the face of the sun as seen from Earth until the year 2117.

NASA has created a Google Map of Transit of Venus Event Locations. Using the map is possible to find the nearest astronomy event organised near your location. The map shows events occurring across the world.

Transit of Venus is a Google Map that shows the transit times of Venus across the sun for any location. If you share your location with the map you are shown the times of Venus’ transit on both June 5th and June 6th.

HeyWhat’sThat – Transit of Venus allows the user to view a simulation of the transit of Venus from any location on earth. The application uses two Google Earth browser plug-ins; one to set and show your location and the other to show Venus’ path across the sun.

You can use the time-line beneath the map to show the position of Venus throughout the day.


Martian Street View – Part Two

Category: Google Maps | Jun 4, 2012

Back in February I worked with Map Channels to create this Martian Street View Map, using panoramas of Mars captured by NASA’s Mars’ missions.

Today I came across Mars Panoramas, which I think pre-dates my collaboration with Map Channels (it uses v2 of the Google Maps API). The Mars Panoramas use the same NASA 360 degree panoramas to, in effect, create a Street View map of Mars.

The Map Channels Martian Street View Map only really works in FireFox, as the images render a bit strangely in IE and Chrome. Mars Panoramas seems to work fine on all browsers and it looks to me that the images are of a much higher resolution as well


Detecting Deforestation with Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jun 4, 2012

The Global Forest Disturbance Alert System provides data on forest disturbance globally on a quarterly basis.

Using Google Maps the system pinpoints areas that are being deforested on a quarterly basis.

The system compares MODIS global vegetation index images at the exact same time period each year in consecutive years. It registers change when more than 40 percent of a forest area has lost greenness over the previous 12 months.

The red markers on the map show the centre point of the detected areas.

The cause(s) of any forest disturbance points detected have not been confirmed by other means so consequently the system provides little information above the actual locations of possible deforestation.


Displaying Road Quality on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jun 4, 2012

Rusdorogi is a Google Map that shows at a glance the quality of Russian roads.

Good quality roads are displayed on the map in green. Satisfactory sections of road are marked in yellow, unsatisfactory roads are marked in red, and the really bad sections are displayed in dark red.

The data for the map is crowd-sourced and is collected by the users of a clever Android application. The app senses the vibrations on the user’s phone. It uses a specially developed method of data processing which assesses the types of vibration on the phone and distinguishes between data coming from the car and other, normal background, vibrations.