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Get an Uberlife with Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Feb 6, 2012

Uberlife is a website and iPhone app that helps you discover and join ‘hangouts’ taking place around you.

Using uberlife it is possible to find nearby events and hangouts happening right now or that are occurring soon. Users can add their likes and interests to their profile to ensure that they receive suggested hangouts from like-minded people. Users can also ‘follow’ other users to receive their ‘hangout’ suggestions.

To add a suggested hangout simply involves suggesting a venue (with the help of Google Maps), entering the time and date and adding some information about the hangout. If you find a hangout that you wish to attend you can view the location of the venue with the help of the Google Map added to the hangout page.


It’s Google Maps, But Not As We Know It

Category: Google Maps | Feb 6, 2012

Blocky Earth is a fabulous WebGL experiment using the Google Maps API to show a 3d representation of the Earth.

To view the map you will probably need to use the Chrome browser as Blocky Earth uses canvas and WebGL to render locations representing terrain and elevation with cubic blocks. The map includes a search option so you can choose to view any location on the Earth.

The map also has options to zoom in and out, rotate the map and to view it in full-screen mode.


Google Maps of the Week

Category: Google Maps | Feb 5, 2012

This week’s most popular map on Google Maps Mania by a country mile was the Skyrim Map. This map of the popular role-playing game was viewed by at least five times more people than any other map I posted about this week.

The Skyrim Map uses custom map tiles with the Google Maps API to provide an interactive map of the Elder Scrolls game-world of Tamriel. The map includes the option to view markers showing the locations of holds and primary locations in the game.

Personally my favourite map of the last week was Ejecuciones en Chile entre septiembre y diciembre de 1973. This map is a powerful and poignant animated map visualisation of people executed by the Chilean military dictatorship between September 11 and December 31, 1973.

The map animates through a time-line of the executions geo-locating those murdered by place of death or where the body was discovered. As well as providing an animated time-line of the executions the map can be browsed by location, date of death, cause of death and by the name of individual victims of the 1970′s Chilean dictatorship.

Finally, this week I was alos impressed with Deutsche Telekom’s Worldwide Operations Map. The map itself is a simple store-locator that shows the scope of Deutsche Telekom’s worldwide operations and lists the names of its companies operating in various countries around the world.

The map uses the Google Maps API Styled Maps feature to create a map that complements the colors of the company’s corporate style and website design. There is nothing amazingly innovative about the map but it does it’s job with little fuss and yet has a striking design.


How to Find Vacant Street Parking Spots

Category: Google Maps | Feb 4, 2012

San Francisco are rolling out an intelligent car parking system. 8,200 street parking spaces now have magnetic sensors that are networked to report on which parking spots are occupied and which are currently vacant.

If motorists visit the SFpark website they can view a real-time Google Map of available street parking spaces. Colored lines on the roads on the map show which streets are part of the intelligent parking system scheme. The lines are also color-coded to give an overview of current parking space availability (blue = high availability and red = low). If users click on any of the colored roads they can find out exactly how many parking spaces are available.

As well as showing in real-time the availability of street car parking spaces the map shows the number of spaces available in the city’s parking garages. The data is also available in a free app for iPhone and Android phones.


Laser Firing UFO Caught on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Feb 3, 2012

I don’t know how the governments of the world managed to hush this one up. Here Google Maps provides further proof that aliens already walk among us. In ‘fact’ this satellite view shows the Dutch town of Breda whilst actually under attack from a multi-laser firing UFO.

More proof of little green men found on Google Maps can be seen here.

I Am a Name, Not a Number

Fans of the original cult 1960′s TV show The Prisoner will be delighted to hear that the village of Portmeirion in Wales now has Street View. Much of the success of the show was due to it being shot in this wonderfully unique Welsh village.

The village was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village and really is a beautiful place to visit. If you can’t get to Portmeirion in person you can now at least take a virtual stroll around the village in Google Maps.

A Penny-Farthing Towing a Platypus

One of my life’s ambitions was to be the first man to tow a platypus, behind a penny-farthing, around the town of Cottesloe in Australia. I’m sad to have to report that someone has beaten me to it.

Asterix on a Mountain

Street View has captured Asterix sitting on a mountain in France (although it is probably a menhir and not a mountain). You probably won’t be surprised to hear that this Street View image comes from an Asterix theme park, Parc Asterix, just north of Paris.


Support François Hollande on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Feb 3, 2012

The official website, TousHollande, of François Hollande, the Socialist nomination for the French presidential elections, is using Google Maps on its homepage to show user submitted messages of support.

Supporters of Hollande can add their support to the map by filling in a short form (or use Facebook Connect to sign-in) and see their own messages appear on the map. The map itself animates through the support messages already added to the map.

The map does an impressive job in creating the image of a candidate with nationwide support. It is also a very effective method for building a database of enthusiastic supporters. To add your support to the map you have to agree that you support the candidacy of Francois Hollande and wish to be informed about news of the campaign.

It would be very interesting to know whether this proves a more effective way of building a mailing list of supporters than the more traditional methods used in previous campaigns.


Fore – Lookout It’s the Ultimate Golf Guide

Category: Google Maps | Feb 2, 2012

The Golf Guide is a Google Map showing the location of thousands of golf courses throughout the world.

Many of the golf courses displayed on the map include Google Earth tours. The green map markers show which courses have the Google Earth tours available. When you click on a green marker an information window will open displaying the course with the Google Earth browser plugin.

The Google Earth tours take you on a 3d flyover of the course. You can interrupt the tour at any time and use the links to fly to a particular hole. The tour also informs the user of the par and length of each hole.


Skyrim Appears on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Feb 2, 2012

You find amongst your possessions an ancient chart of Skyrim extracted from the Elder Scrolls. Now you will never get lost in your journeys through the nine provinces of Tamriel.

Your Skyrim Map includes a magical key that will guide you on your journey. Whether you search for a Dragonlair or an Imperial Camp the map will determine your adventure and light up your true path.

Legend tells that the map was created when the magical Fusion Tables were forged in the fires of the Google Maps API. This legend was imparted to me by the High Elves of Street View Funny.


Using GWT with the Google Maps API V3

Category: Google Maps | Feb 1, 2012

The Google Web Toolkit is an open source set of tools that allows web developers to create and maintain complex JavaScript front-end applications in Java. Unfortunately the current GWT bindings are only compatible with the Google Maps v2 API and are not yet compatible with v3 of the API.

Luckily Brandon Donnelson has decided to build the GWT bindings for the Maps API V3. If you want to see what you can build with the bindings wrapper you can jump straight to the demo page. The examples provided include Google Maps with the Elevation Requests, Directions, Street View, Custom Street View, Custom Controls, the Drawing Libray and more.

If you want to see Donnelson’s GWT bindings in the wild then visit the impressive Cycling the Alps website, which has been completely rebuilt using the bindings.


Interactive Bus Stops on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Feb 1, 2012

Bus-Tops is a very exciting interactive art project launching in London today. Thirty red and black LED screens have been installed on the roofs of bus shelters around London. Absolutely anyone in the world can create artwork and hopefully get a chance to see their work displayed on one of the screens.

If you want to view the submitted artwork then you will need the Bus-Tops Screen Locations Map. It allows Londoner’s to find their nearest Bus-Tops screen. The map also uses the Google Maps Styled Maps feature to give the map an appropriate red and blank design.