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The Google Maps Slideshow Sideshow

Category: Google Maps | May 8, 2012

The Earth is a beautiful place and thanks to Google Maps satellite view we can now virtually explore this wonderful planet like never before.

Here are a few Google Maps Slideshows that celebrate the beauty of planet Earth:

Chuchichechocha is a Google Maps satellite view slideshow developed by David Schmidt. The slideshow automatically animates through a large number of beautiful images found in Google Maps.

The application includes controls to pause or to manually navigate through the images. Each image also comes with a unique URL so you can share your favorite views with your friends.

is a nice slideshow of satellite images that can be found on Google
Maps. As users watch the slideshow they can give each image a ‘thumbs
up’ or ‘thumbs down’ to show whether they like the image or not.

can also submit their own finds by dragging and zooming the map and
clicking on the camera icon to select their favourite view.

Aerial View Slideshow is a collection of my favorite oblique 45° imagery that can be found on Google Maps.

The application animates through a number of ‘bird’s eye’ view images that have been found in Google’s expanding coverage of 45° imagery.


To the Office via the Store

Category: Google Maps | May 8, 2012

Japanese company Aid DCC has created a nice Google Map that gives directions to their Osaka office with the option of going via different types of store.

Here We Go To Aid DCC’s Office displays an animated route from the nearest subway stations to the Aid DCC office. Users of the map can choose to get directions that include stops at different categories of stores along the route, e.g. via bread shops, banks or flower shops.

The map includes custom designed circular information windows that make a nice change to the default square information windows that you normally associate with the Google Maps API.


What if Google Maps Went Live?

Category: Google Maps | May 7, 2012

What if Google Maps Went Live? is an art project from flux/S that imagines a map with live satellite views.

The film was recorded using six cameras attached to fishing rods on the former Philips industrial site Strijp S in Eindhoven. The concept explores ideas around redefining public spaces as places for collaborative performance art.

The project reminds me of Gidivigo’s video that previews what Google Maps
live satellite view will look like (when it is released in 2050

His video shows a Google Maps satellite view with cars and trains moving as they would if the view was live.


The Museums of France on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | May 7, 2012

Carte Interactive des Lieux d’Histoire et de Mémoire is a Google Maps guide to over a thousand museums in France.

As well as searching for museums by location it is possible to refine the museums displayed on the map by their historical period of interest (prehistory, antiquity, contemporary etc). If you click on a museum’s marker an information window opens with details about the museum, a picture gallery and sometime even a video tour of the museum.


Cussing London on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | May 7, 2012

Ed Manley, a researcher at University College London and author of the Urban Movements blog, has analysed Tweets in London looking at the prevalence of swearing on Twitter.

Manley looked at the swearing patterns on Twitter by time (swearing seems to get more popular the longer the day progresses) and geographically. A Google Map of the spatial patterns of swearing in London can be viewed on The Guardian website.

The map shows that swearing is less prevalent in the centre of the city and more widely practised in London’s outer boroughs.

So do Londoner’s swear more at home than at work?

Manley thinks not.You can read his theory about why swearing is more prevalent in some boroughs that others on the Urban Movements blog.


Hollande Wins France on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | May 6, 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy has already conceded defeat to François Hollande in the French presidential election, despite the fact that results from some regions are still coming in.

You can view the latest results from the presidential election on a Google Map at Google Politique et élections.Where regional results have already been called that region is color-coded on the map to show which candidate received the most votes.

Users of the map can click on any region on the map to view the breakdown of the votes given to each of the two candidates.


The Google Maps of the Week

Category: Google Maps | May 6, 2012

My favorite Google Map this week was Open Road. Open Road from OpenFile is an awesome bike directions application that shows you
all the reported bike accidents that have occurred along a suggested bike route. So not only are cyclists given directions but they are warned about the most dangerous locations along the route.

The application uses the Google Maps API bike directions function to suggest a bike route between two points. All bike accidents reported to the police are then shown along the route and the most accident prone location along the route is also highlighted on the map.

This week we have to give a special mention to Google Maps Cube, Google’s long awaited Google Maps game. The game is a great way to promote some of the features of Google Maps whilst users are having fun.

In the game you have to navigate a ball on a 3d Google Maps cube,
avoiding the 3d buildings and other obstructions, by rotating the cube. Whilst you are also informed about some of the things that you can do with Google Maps.

Resource Intensity of Cities is a Google Maps based visualisation tool to analyse data on material and energy use in 42 U.S. cities.

The application uses a Google Maps interface to allow users to select an
area and visualise a heat map of population, material and energy. It is
also possible to generate a downloadable PDF report for the selected
area, with a detailed breakdown of population and housing density, material
intensity, material comparison, energy intensity and energy comparison.


The Street View Social Network

Category: Google Maps | May 5, 2012

Wallit uses Google Maps Street View as the interface for a unique social network. Wallit allows users to create a virtual wall on Street View anywhere in the world, that they, and other users, can then post messages on.

Users of the Wallit iPhone app can find nearby virtual walls and leave a message on the wall. Users actually have to be physically near the location of a virtual wall in order to be able to add a message. This means to leave messages you need the Wallit iPhone application.

However, if you don’t own an iPhone, you can still browse the virtual walls on the Wallit website using Google Maps Street View.

Hat-tip: Street View Funny


Is East London Dead on Google Maps?

Category: Google Maps | May 4, 2012

With East London about to host the 2012 London Olympics Dazed magazine poses the question ‘Is East London dead?’.

The magazine argues that East London has been a centre of cultural activity with a vibrant grassroots, underground creative scene.

With The Secret History of East London Google Map Dazed are trying to build a crowd-sourced memory map of East London’s cultural scene. They are asking readers to post a memory to the map of a music, art, fashion or film related event or happening that they have taken part in, in East London.

Users of the map can browse the submitted memories by location and can use the time-line slide control to refine the results shown by date.

Creating a memory map of the East London cultural scene is a great idea. Looking at the number of events added for 2011 and 2012 I think we can also safely say that East London isn’t dead yet.


Tampa Crime on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | May 3, 2012

The RAIDS Online crime mapping website has just added Tampa, Florida to its list of cities.

Using RAIDS Online it is possible to view Tampa crimes by type and by date. If the user types in an address each crime shown on the Google Map will also display how far the incident was from their home.

If you want to see if your city’s crime data is covered by RAIDS Online use the ‘Jump to City’ dropdown menu. Cities in the menu are organised alphabetically by state.