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Map of Every Public Building in France

Category: Google Maps | Mar 12, 2012

The French state owns 107 billion euro worth of buildings in France and around the world. Data Publica, a site dedicated to open data in France, has created a French State Property Map to show the location of every French publicly-owned building.

The map, as it stands, only allows users to search the properties by location. The beauty of open data, however, is that you can use it to create your own map. For example, it would be simple to build a map that lets you query the data, for example, by type of building.

If a Publicly Owned Property Map doesn’t appeal to French map developers Data Publica has a lot of over open data just waiting to be mapped.


The Diamond Jubilee on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Mar 12, 2012

Google and Historypin have created an interactive archive of photographs and videos from Queen Elizabeth’s visits and jubilee celebrations over the six decades of her reign.

For the project Historypin want to collect as many contributions as possible, from individuals and archives all around the world. So if you have any Queen Elizabeth related photographs or videos you can add them to the Historypin – Diamond Jubilee Album.

Historypin, if you still haven’t seen it, is a great collection of user submitted historical photographs and videos which can be viewed on Google Maps. One of the stand-out features of Historypin is the ability to view the photos and videos superimposed on the modern Google Maps Street View image.

Another stand-out feature is the ability to create your own album. This Golden Jubilee album is a great way to promote this feature. I’m sure Historypin will be getting a lot more UK users due to this new project.


Japan’s Disaster Areas – One Year On

Category: Google Maps | Mar 11, 2012

New Satellite Imagery of Japan’s Disaster Areas

Minami Sanriku Town, Miyagi – imagery from 2011 on the left and 2012 on the right

Google has released new satellite imagery of Japan on the one year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The new imagery covers much of the north-eastern coast.

If you view the imagery in Google Earth you can use the historical imagery time-slider to view the satellite imagery from before the earthquake with the imagery taken just after the disaster and also with the new imagery added today.

Via: Google LatLong

SXSW – Making Your Maps Beautiful

Chris Broadfoot and Josh Livni gave a presentation on Making Your Maps Beautiful at the SXSW conference in Austin yesterday. The video of the talk is well worth a look.

I especially liked the animated San Francisco taxi data map. Hopefully Chris will post a link to that map at some point and we’ll be able to view the actual map live.


The Google Maps of the Week

Category: Google Maps | Mar 11, 2012

Over the years the fashion retailer Uniqlo has created a number of unique maps. Their latest effort, Uniqlo Undercover, is possibly the best store locator map I’ve ever seen. In fact to call it just a store locator map is an insult really.

Using custom map tiles Uniqlo has in effect created a whole website just with the Google Maps API. My advice is to explore the map yourself. Use the menu at the top right of the map to navigate to the different sections and make sure you zoom in on the map to see each section in detail.

This Canberra Crime Statistics Map from the Australian Federal Police is a very nice looking map with some great design features.

The numbered place-name markers are attractive and dynamic (the numbers change depending on the crime or date selected). If you zoom in on the map the shaded polygon areas are also dynamic. If you mouse-over an area it grows by a fraction to help highlight the selected neighborhood.

There are a lot more great design features on this map, for example, just look at that great map sidebar.

Shoes About Town is another inspired promotional campaign, this time from New York shoe salon Bergdorf Goodman.

This promotional campaign encourages people to take an Instagram photo and then post it on Twitter with the hashtag #BGSHOES. The photos of the shoes then appear on a great looking custom map, created using the Google Maps API.


View Your Ski Runs on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Mar 10, 2012

Phresheez is a smartphone application that allows users to track their ski-runs (or bike rides, hikes or running routes) and then view an animation of the run on Google Maps.

The Google Map playback feature shows the track of the recorded run. It is possible to view the animation of the actual run using the play, pause and fast-forward buttons beneath the map.

Whilst the run is animated on the map a number of controls above the map show the current altitude and speed at each stage of the track.


Fly Safely with the Help of Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Mar 9, 2012

See and Avoid is a Google Maps application from the Defense Safety Oversight Council designed to “eliminate midair collisions and reduce close calls through continuous flight safety and proper flight planning”.

The map provides pilots with information about military operational flying areas, special use airspace, low level training routes and other data to ensure flight safety. It is also possible to select to view the locations of near midair collisions and midair collisions on the map.


Friday Fun with Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Mar 9, 2012

A UFO Landing at Laguna

It’s a UFO, I tell ya!

All rational explanations that this satellite image on Google Maps just shows a helicopter will be ignored.

More UFO nonsense on Google Maps can be found here.

Have You Got Your Street View Pose Ready?

Nathan Fillion shows Jimmy Kimmel his Street View pose.

Battle Born, Nevada

We’ve posted a few close-up shots of planes captured in Google Maps imagery before but I think this aerial view image of a plane coming into land at Phoenix Airport is the best yet.


New 45° Imagery for 56 Cities

Category: Google Maps | Mar 8, 2012

Castel Nuovo, Napoli

Google has released new 45° (Bird’s Eye) imagery in 56 cities around the world. As well as covering new towns in the U.S. a number of towns in the Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia have got aerial imagery for the first time.

Here is the full list of updated cities:

US: Athens, AL; Augusta, GA; Belen, NM; Fairfield-Travis Air Force Base, CA; Fort Myers, FL; Graniteville, SC; Jackson, MS; Lakeside FL; Lakewood, WA; Liberty, KS; Lillian, FL; Livermore, CA; Magna, UT; Manteca, CA; Midland, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Moores Mill, AL; Prattville, AL; Shreveport, LA; Summerville, SC; Waco, TX; Yukon, OK; Yuma, AZ

Austria: Innsbruck; Wiener Neustadt

Czech Republic: Brno; Frýdek-Místek; Hradec Králové; Jihlava; Karlovy Vary; Liberec; Most; Olomouc; Pardubice; Plzen; Praha; Teplice; Ústí nad Labem; Zlin

Italy: Napoli; Roma

Slovakia: Bratislava

Spain: Alicante; Aranjuez; Cabo Roig; Ciudad Real; Elche; Huesca; Iruña de Oca; Jaen; Las Rozas; Logroño; Salamanca; Segovia; Vitoria

Switzerland: Genève

Via: Google Lat Long


Canberra Crime on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Mar 8, 2012

Australian mapping blog All Things Spatial has published a nice review of two recent Google Maps based applications mapping crime in Canberra.

The Canberra Times has created a Crime in the Capital Map. This map shows the number of all crimes committed in the Australian capital during 2011. It is also possible to view heat map layers on the map that break down the data by type of crime.

The Australian Federal Police has also recently released their own Canberra Crime Statistics Map.

The map provides the local community with crime statistics, allows users to view comparisons between suburbs and displays crime trends over the past five years. Arek, of All Things Spatial, praises the map for its comprehensiveness. It really is a nicely designed map with an intuitive interface that allows the user to view, select and compare the underlying crime data.


Solar Grid Parity on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Mar 8, 2012

Energy Self-Reliant States has created an animated Google Map to show how “within a decade 100 million Americans could get cheaper electricity from rooftop solar”.

Re-mapping Solar Grid Parity shows when major metropolitan areas are likely to be able to beat grid prices by using solar power. The map includes an animated timeline that adds the metropolitan areas to the map when they are likely to reach the tipping point of solar power being cheaper than grid prices.

This map includes the 30% federal tax credit for solar power. If you want to see when areas will reach grid parity without taking into account the federal tax credit you can use the original Mapping Solar Grid Parity Map.