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The Prettiest Heat Map You’ll Ever See

Category: Google Maps | Aug 29, 2013 has created a beautiful heatmap of planet Earth and MapBox has quickly put together an animated version on the map. The Temperature Map animates through global temperatures recorded on August 10, 2013.

The map uses the new Quicklsilver map from Project Quicksilver is a high resolution real-time map of global temperature, that updates every hour. GeoTIFF images of the map can also be downloaded from


Meals on Wheels with Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Aug 28, 2013

The problem with those delicious food trucks is that they just keep on upping sticks and moving on. If only there was someway to find out where your favorite food truck was right now!

Four Wheel Foodie is a Google Map that shows the current position of New York City’s numerous food trucks. Share your location with this map and you can quickly find the nearest food trucks to your current position. Want to find out where your favorite food truck is currently serving? No problem! Just enter its name into the search box and find out where it is right now.

Street Food App is a desktop, iOS and Android app for finding food trucks in a number of US and Canadian cities.

Currently the Street Food App can help you find nearby food trucks in
Boston, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. Each city includes an option to view the current location
of the food trucks on a Google Map.

Each truck is displayed on the map with a green or red map marker,
green markers indicate the trucks currently open for businesses and the
red markers indicate that they are currently closed. Users can click on
each food truck on the map to view a small review and the truck’s hours
of business.

Roaming Hunger has created a number of Google Maps to track the real-time locations of food trucks in a large number of U.S. cities.

food trucks are mapped based on tweets by the truck owners and by
published calendars. If you click on a food truck’s map marker you can
get details about the hours it will be present at the current location.

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Planning Applications on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Aug 28, 2013

PlanningFinder is a very useful application to alert UK residents whenever someone submits a planning application for either a commercial or domestic property in their neighbourhood.

Users can search for nearby planning applications by simply entering a UK postcode. All current planning applications in the area are listed beside a Google Map. The map itself displays the location of all the properties concerned. Each application displayed on the map includes a link to the planning application on the local authority’s website.

If you register with PlanningFinder you will receive an email alert whenever a planning application is submitted close to your registered postcode.


The Google Maps Time Machines

Category: Google Maps | Aug 28, 2013

1940’s Toronto

Catbus created this Google Map that allows you to view 1947 aerial imagery of down-town Montreal on Google Maps. Using the map it possible to compare the 1947 aerial imagery with
Google’s satellite view. You can view the map in full-screen mode here.

1930’s Connecticut

The University of Connecticut Library created this cool application that allows you to view historical aerial imagery of Connecticut from 1934 side-by-side with Google Maps ‘satellite view’. The application also allows you to view more modern aerial photo maps from 1990, 2004, 2006 and 2012.

1930’s New Jersey

The New Jersey State Atlas is a Google Map that includes the option to view aerial imagery of New Jersey from the 1930’s. The map includes a slider control that allows you to adjust the opacity of the historical aerial imagery and make a direct comparison with the modern day Google Maps ‘satellite view’.

1940’s Moscow

Old Maps of Moscow contains a large collection of historical maps and aerial imagery of the Russian capital. The 1940’s aerial imagery shows Moscow during the time of the Second World War.


Your Holiday on Google Maps

Category: Google Maps | Aug 28, 2013 is a new Google Maps based platform that allows you to share news about your travels and vacations with your friends.

Users of the platform can share reports, photos and videos of their holidays simply by dropping a pin on a Google Map. Once you drop a marker on the map you can use the text editor to report on your holiday and you can attach photos and videos of the location to your report. A red umbrella map marker is then displayed on the map wherever a user has posted a report. includes Facebook integration so users can share their personal holiday reports with friends on Facebook. Alternatively users can grab the unique URL of their holiday report and share the link with friends on other social media or via e-mail.


The Indoor Street View Gallery

Category: Google Maps | Aug 28, 2013

Google Maps Business Photos has given businesses the opportunity to provide virtual tours of their premises directly on Google Maps. It allows businesses to add Street View imagery of their shops, restaurants, hotels etc and provides customers with a unique opportunity to virtually walk around and explore the business like never before.

Joakim Syk has created a Gallery of Virtual Tours. The gallery allows you to explore indoor Street Views of businesses added to Google Maps by country and by individual town. If you want to know what businesses have added Street View to Google Maps in your town then you can just enter your town’s name and view a gallery of all the Business Photos available on Google Maps in your area.

All the business Street Views can be explored directly on the site. So if you want to explore some of the amazing Street Views added by businesses, like the Harry Potter Diagon Alley Warner Bros. Studio Tour or the inside of the flight simulator at Flight Sensations in France, you can do so without even leaving the Gallery of Virtual Tours.

Hat-tip: Google Street View World


US Targets in Syria Mapped

Category: Google Maps | Aug 27, 2013

Foreign Policy has created a Google Map of what they claim are likely to be 35 military targets in Syria, if the United States takes military action against the Assad regime in Syria.

Foreign Policy’s likely targets include suspected locations of Syrian government chemical weapons sites, air bases and important government and military headquarters. The suspected chemical weapons sites comes from the Nuclear Threat Initiative.


Using Crossfilter with the Google Maps API

Category: Google Maps | Aug 27, 2013

Crossfilter is a Javascript library for filtering large datasets in the browser. When partnered with the Google Maps API it provides a powerful tool for building mapped visualisations of data.

Using Crossfilter can be a little daunting at first. Luckily, however, Brendan Kelly, a member of the Google Maps API team, has created a helpful YouTube video that walks you through how you can get started with Crossfilter and the Google Maps API.

Brendan has also created a working demo map and made the code available on GitHub.


Baidu Maps Introduces Street View in China

Category: Google Maps | Aug 27, 2013

Baidu Maps has introduced their own ‘Street View’ type feature called Total View. For now the imagery is only available in three cities, Shenyang, Wuxi and Fenghuang.

If you want to see more Chinese ‘Street View’ imagery then for now your best bet is City8.
City8 is a Chinese company providing ‘Street View’ type panoramas in a large number of Chinese towns and cities.


The Amazing Street View Corn Maze

Category: Google Maps | Aug 27, 2013

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find your way out of this corn maze on Google Maps.

The Edmonton Corn Maze is now on Street View! Enter the maze at your own peril – because this maze is huge. If you find your way to the bridge in the middle of the maze you can get a bit of an overview of the maze, but you will have to find the bridge first.

By the way if you try and cheat like I did and zoom out of Street View to view the maze on satellite view you will boot yourself out of the maze and will have to start back at the beginning again.

Here’s a direct link to the start of the maze on Google Maps.