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Mapping the Crisis in the NHS

Category: Google Maps | Feb 2, 2017

The continual under funding of the English National Health Service under this Conservative government has led to the British Red Cross calling the current situation affecting the NHS a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

The NHS Crisis Tracker is a Google Map which shows you the percentage of people waiting more than four hours to be seen in hospital Accident & Emergency wards in each postcode area in


The United Megaregions of America

Category: Google Maps | Feb 1, 2017

Garrett Dash Nelson and Alasdair Rae have identified 50 regions of the United States based on distinct separate labor markets. The new identified megaregions of the United States were determined by analyzing over 4,000,000 commuter journeys.

You can view the results of this analysis of commuter journeys in the USA on the Megaregions of the United States interactive map. The map shows the


The Interactive Sign Languages Map

Category: Google Maps | Jan 31, 2017

Saint Mary’s University in Canada has released interactive maps which show you how to sign Atlantic Canadian place names in both American Sign Language (ASL) and the regional dialect Maritime Sign Language (MSL).

The Atlantic Provinces Sign Language Place Names maps are very easy to use. If you click on a location’s marker on the map a YouTube video will appear showing you how to sign the


The World’s Solar Atlas

Category: Google Maps | Jan 31, 2017

The Global Solar Atlas allows you to carry out a simple solar power output calculation for nearly any location in the world. Using the map you can simply click anywhere in the world to view an estimation of the likely electricity output from photovoltaic solar panels at that location.

The Global Solar Atlas also provides a number of different map layers, including photovoltaic electricity


Ban Trump from Britain

Category: Google Maps | Jan 30, 2017

An online petition to stop President Trump’s planned state visit to the UK has raised almost 1.5 million signatures in two days. The petition, on the UK government website, needed only 100,000 signatures to be considered for debate by the UK parliament. The government claims that “petitions which reach 100,000 signatures are almost always debated”.

You can see where people in the UK have


The World’s First Geological Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jan 30, 2017

William Smith was an English geologist who created the first nationwide geological map of the UK. In 1815 Smith’s beautiful geological map of Britain visualized geological types using different different colors.

William Smith’s Maps allows you to explore William Smith’s geological maps of England, Scotland & Wales in close detail. An interactive map interface allows you to view geo-rectified


Fun with Japanese Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jan 30, 2017

The Japanese certainly like to have fun with their interactive maps. A couple of weeks ago the Kirin Brewery company released the Green Emoji Map, a map of Japan which consists entirely of user submitted emoji symbols.

Toyota have now got in on the act with their own fun interactive map of Japan. Their Wondermap provides details of great places to visit throughout the country. To emphasize how


Indoor Mapping with Mapbox GL

Category: Google Maps | Jan 29, 2017

Mapbox GL’s extrude property can be used to extrude polygon shapes to create interesting mapped visualizations of data in 3D. It can be used to extrude and color building footprints, as in this Toronto Zoning Map. It can also be used to represent census data in 3D, like in this┬áPopulation Density Inspector map, which shows the number of people living in each census block in America in 3D. Vox


Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight

Category: Google Maps | Jan 28, 2017

The National Snow and Ice Data Center has created a series of interactive maps which visualize Satellite Observations of Arctic Change. The maps allow you to see how sea ice, snow cover and frozen ground have all been shrinking during the 21st Century. Other maps plot air temperature changes in the Arctic and the changes to Arctic vegetation.

Global warming is causing observable changes to


The Global Urban Footprint

Category: Google Maps | Jan 27, 2017

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has released an interactive globe which visualizes human settlements around the world. The Global Urban Footprint map shows the global distribution of the human population on a custom made WebGL globe.

The Global Urban Footprint globe was made by analyzing satellite imagery of the Earth. The globe uses only three colors: black for urban areas, white for land