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The Shortest Route to Fine Dining

Category: Google Maps | Jan 25, 2017

New York has the most Michelin starred restaurants (77) in the USA. San Francisco is not too far behind with 54 Michelin starred restaurants. Elite politicians in Washington DC have to slum it however, as the capital only has 12 starred restaurants.

The prestigious Michelin Guide has been rating U.S. restaurants since 2006. To mark the arrival of the 2017 U.S. Michelin Guide, travel site


Discover Your Global Travel Score?

Category: Google Maps | Jan 24, 2017

You probably know which countries around the world that you have visited in your travels. But do you know how much more of the world you have yet to experience and what percentage of the world’s population lives in the places that you have been?

Travel Score is an interactive map that can help you work out how many countries you have visited and how many countries around the world that you


Find Your Political Antipode

Category: Google Maps | Jan 24, 2017

American voters seem more polarized now than ever before. The Washington Post has therefore decided to try to foster more understanding between the two sides of the political debate by releasing a tool to find the nearest county that voted the exact opposite to how the people voted in your county.

The Washington Post’s Political Polar Opposites map finds the nearest county that voted the most


Bigly Hands Make False Maps

Category: Google Maps | Jan 23, 2017

Today the unpatriotic Cartonerd released a visualization of the number of people who demonstrated around the world in the so-called Women’s March. Cartonerd is one of the most despicable mapographers on Earth. His visualization is intentionally mapped in a way to maximize the enormous support that gathered in marches around the world and to draw attention from the enormous support the President


From Constantinople to Istanbul

Category: Google Maps | Jan 23, 2017

The Istanbul Urban Database allows you to explore a series of historical vintage maps, city plans and photos of the Turkish capital. It aims to provide an archive of Istanbul’s urban history and “contribute to the collective memory of Istanbul”.

At the heart of the Istanbul Urban Database is an interactive Leaflet powered map, on which you can overlay vintage maps of the city, historical city


Make America Fat Again

Category: Google Maps | Jan 21, 2017

For too long Americans have eaten foreign food at the expense of the great American diet, subsidized the chefs of other countries, while allowing the very sad depletion of our own poorly paid fast food workers.

But, that is the past and now we are looking only to the future. From this day forward, it’s going to be only American fast food first. Every decision on breakfast, on lunch, on dinner


The Future Price of New York Property

Category: Google Maps | Jan 20, 2017

Fast Forward Labs has been using their three psychic precogs to predict the future cost of properties in New York. You can access these predictions using their Probabilistic Real Estate interactive map.

The map allows you to input a housing budget and see how likely it is that you will be able to afford to buy a property in different New York neighborhoods during different future time periods.


Map of US Lynchings

Category: Google Maps | Jan 19, 2017

Over the year thousands of black Americans have been killed by white Americans. They are not the only racial group to have suffered at the violent hands of white Americans. During the 1890’s mobs of white men killed around 9 people per month. But lynchings didn’t only happen in the 19th century they continued in the United States well into the second half of the 20th century.

Monroe Work Today


The Emoji Map

Category: Google Maps | Jan 18, 2017

The Kirin Brewery company in Japan has created a fun interactive map which consists entirely of user submitted emojis. The map allows users to show how they feel about a place by leaving their own emoji at the location on the map.

Zoom in on the Green Emoji Map of Japan and you can get a sense of how other map users feel about the location by the messages and emojis that they have left on the


Mapping the Skyscrapers of New York

Category: Google Maps | Jan 17, 2017

Ten and Taller is a new interactive map of all Manhattan buildings, built between 1874 and 1901, which are at least ten stories tall. The map includes information on all the featured buildings, including their construction dates and how they are used.

There are 249 building footprints on the map, each colored by its type of use. The map has a neat timeline feature which allows you to filter