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Mapping a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Category: Google Maps | Feb 7, 2017

Using Mapbox GL to simulate the opening credits of Star Wars is maybe not the most obvious application of an interactive mapping library. It is good fun though.

May the Fourth be With You is an animated map which uses a few of Mapbox GL’s capabilities to create an accurate rendition of the scrolling text seen in the opening credits of the Star Wars films. The map simply uses Mapbox GL’s pitch


The Changing Face of New York

Category: Google Maps | Feb 6, 2017

The wealth gap is growing in New York. The middle-class is shrinking while lower income and higher income groups are both growing. This is just one of the findings from a detailed report from the Citizens Housing and Planning Council exploring how New York neighborhoods have changed in the ten years from 2000 to 2010.

You can read the full report Making Neighborhoods – Understanding New York


Putting News on the Map

Category: Google Maps | Feb 6, 2017 is an interesting way to explore what news stories are currently being reported in countries around the world. At the heart of is an interactive cartogram visualizing the top news stories being reported in each country.

The map shows the top 100 news stories from Google News for each country on the map. If you select a country’s circle on the map the top news


Route Planning for Wheelchair Users

Category: Google Maps | Feb 5, 2017

AccessMap is a new trip planning tool designed specifically for users with limited mobility. If you are a wheelchair user or you have problems with steep hills, raised curbs or bad sidewalk conditions then AccessMap can help provide you with directions that will try to route you around any mobility barriers.

Sidewalks on AccessMap are colored to show the degree of incline. Construction


Mapping Canada’s Greatest Songs

Category: Google Maps | Feb 4, 2017

Canadian Geographic are celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday with a map of great Canadian songs. The Great Canadian Song Map features songs about Canada on an interactive Google Map.

On July 1, 1867 the colonies of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were united as the ‘Dominion of Canada’. The Canadian Geographic map celebrates the occasion by featuring YouTube videos of


The Global Terrorism Maps

Category: Google Maps | Feb 3, 2017

15,976 people around the world died in terrorist attacks last year. If you watch the news in the ‘developed’ world you might be under the impression that most deaths from terrorism occur in the West. However Esri’s 2016 Terrorist Attacks map clearly shows that the Middle East and Northern & Central Africa are the areas worst affected by terrorism

The same global distribution of terrorist


Mapping Air Pollution in 3D

Category: Google Maps | Feb 2, 2017

London’s major roads become towering infernos of unbreathable air on this 3D map of air pollution in the capital. The London Atmospheric Emissions in 3D interactive map plots the Greater London Authority’s projected NO2 emissions for the year 2020.

Using the map you can view the locations in London with the worst projected air pollution. The map includes a few quick links to some of the most


Mapping the Crisis in the NHS

Category: Google Maps | Feb 2, 2017

The continual under funding of the English National Health Service under this Conservative government has led to the British Red Cross calling the current situation affecting the NHS a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

The NHS Crisis Tracker is a Google Map which shows you the percentage of people waiting more than four hours to be seen in hospital Accident & Emergency wards in each postcode area in


The United Megaregions of America

Category: Google Maps | Feb 1, 2017

Garrett Dash Nelson and Alasdair Rae have identified 50 regions of the United States based on distinct separate labor markets. The new identified megaregions of the United States were determined by analyzing over 4,000,000 commuter journeys.

You can view the results of this analysis of commuter journeys in the USA on the Megaregions of the United States interactive map. The map shows the


The Interactive Sign Languages Map

Category: Google Maps | Jan 31, 2017

Saint Mary’s University in Canada has released interactive maps which show you how to sign Atlantic Canadian place names in both American Sign Language (ASL) and the regional dialect Maritime Sign Language (MSL).

The Atlantic Provinces Sign Language Place Names maps are very easy to use. If you click on a location’s marker on the map a YouTube video will appear showing you how to sign the